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category include Beans black kidney refried Fruit especially fresh fruit wheat bread pasta and cereals brown rice etc. Importance of carbohydrates Carbohydrates play important role in our daily life. It Promotes the feeling of fullness after eating Reduces blood cholesterol levels Reduces heart diseases and stroke. Improves pro diet’s handling of insulin and glucose. It May reduce the risk of colon cancer. pro diet Pay Extra Attention to Carbohydrates It controls • Diabetes Type I and Type II • Hypoglycemia • Sports Nutrition Carbohydrates control weight Carbohydrates can be a smart and healthy this category Cakes Candy Cookies Pies Pro diet Table Sugar • Complex Carbohydrates These include types of polysaccharides Starches and Fiber. Foods that fall into this choice for weight control when eaten properly. If one eats too many carbohydrates in the diet the pro diet will convert the glucose to fat and will store it in adipose tissue. Protein Protein is the major part of our pro diet. The protein contains the Compounds composed of carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen arranged

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